Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Don't mess with the people who make your food.

So, you are in line.
There are 15 people in front of you, you can see another 10 waiting for a drink.
You begin bitching about how long it is taking to order.
I am standing behind you rolling my eyes.
You finally get up to the counter. You are rude to my friend behind the counter.
I am standing behind you with my middle finger up and the people behind me are smiling because you are obnoxious.
You are waiting for your drink and begin to be rude to my friend making the drinks for the 15 people who ordered before you did.
I am standing behind you with both my middle fingers extended, and the other people in the store are chuckling because you are acting like a bitch in public and no one likes bitches.
You start harassing my friend behind the counter for your drink.
I smile at my friend and wink.
Your drink is ready.
You walk out and most of the other people in the store are looking at you, wonder why?

You made a complete fool of yourself by being a complete twat in public, and because of YOUR actions many people now think you are a raging bitch. Good job you. Oh and by the way, it was decaf. Don't fuck with the people who serve you.