Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh My

So the theory behind the customer service industry is this; if you treat the customer like they are worth a million bucks, then they will continue to patronize your business. Anyone who has worked a service job knows the saying; "The customer is always right."
OK, I understand the theory. It must be said that this is just a theory and a poor one at that. Treating people consistantly like all of my hopes and dreams are centered around making them a latte or serving them a sandwich makes people abominably rude, narcissistic and self-centered. Not to mention the inflated ego that usually accompanies these side effects put to shame any major drug on the market out there. Think about it, if a pharmaceutical company sent a drug to the masses to cure anal leakage, or whatever it is that people get drugs for, that caused drastic and permanent personality changes; the FDA would be all over that like a fat kid on the last cupcake.
The service industry itself is creating an inane standard for the people that work these thankless and low paying jobs, and the standard keeps climbing higher due to the competitive market. If I am not constantly impressing upon my customers just how HAPPY I am to be serving them today, I am reprimanded or fired. I understand and endorse basic niceties. Smile, say please, thank you and have a good day. These are some of the small things that keep humans from killing one another in the day to day. But when I am talking to a customer and they are treating me like a piece of dog shit they just found on the bottom of a shoe, and I am STILL supposed to be so happy to be helping them today, the customer is NOT always right. The customer is a twat who can suck my imaginary balls. Frankly, I would like the right to say something to that effect. "I am sorry sir, but until you can find the strength of spirit to treat me like another human being who shares air with you on this planet instead of a coffee grabbing robot with tits; you can take your money elsewhere. I have no need for your type of people here."
I dream of a world where everyone is treated with respect and dignity. The sad truth is, those people who are serving you your coffee or food behind the counter, are rarely treated with anything resembling respect or dignity. Not by customers, and most definitely not by the company they work for. They get paid to swallow whatever pride they ever had, and humble themselves to serve those who treat them like impersonal robots programmed to appreciate the condescending tones, the violent outbursts, and the verbal abuse that makes up a day.
Yay America.


  1. like i always say... never knew there were so many ways to be rude till i worked here

    on the bright side, i think i'll invent the "coffee grabbing robot with tits"...what a great idea!

  2. I really like your site! And of course, I concur.