Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 2

Gotta love people who don't live in the real world.
Lady come in today with 2 carat diamonds in her ears driving a luxury suburban reserved for moms with nannies and/or rich housewives with nothing better to do then attempt to use all of the oil in the world for their beast of a vehicle. She seemed down so I asked her how her morning was going.
"Horrible! I just had a massage!"

Ummm what?!?! how could your day possibly be horrible then?! I thought to myself.

"Really? that would be amazing, I need to get one myself soon." I respond politely. ( I have had ONE professional massage in my lifetime and it was a birthday present from a friend. sad.. i know.)

She responds " My back is hurting because I got a deep tissue massage to relax, so I am going to go home and sleep the rest of the day."

This is 11am. Wow.

I hope I never become as jaded as that woman. One of her earrings alone could have killed 2 of my bills. Wealthy, privileged and your life is so tough that you have to go get a massage? Cry me a river Lady.

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