Monday, November 16, 2009

Day One

First customer, " Hi, my name is J, How are you doing today?"
"Get me a coffee" says Grumpy Man number one. Stay cheerful.. just stay cheerful. I tell myself.
"Sure thing! Can I get anything else for you today?" I respond in a sing song happy voice.
"Ok, no problem! I'll have that right up for ya!"
Grumpy Man practically throws his money across the counter at me and just walks away when i deliver his coffee a full 15 seconds later.

Now what is the problem with this interaction?

Issue 1. Grumpy man decided to completely ignore that fact that I asked him a polite and friendly question. Politeness dictates a marginal response, a "Fine" would have been acceptable. Apparently that would take too much O2 out of his system to say.

Issue 2. I am aware that manners are falling out of fashion with the youth of today but the middle aged should know better. A simple "Please" or a "Thank you" would have been phenomenal towards alleviating the sense of hostility this man is projecting. I would have taken either because asking for both would have been expecting too much.. obviously. maybe I should run a manners school for the layman.

Issue 3. Throwing money is not an acceptably way of transferring money from one person to another. If parting with the 2 dollars is so painful for you that you have to do it quickly to prevent lasting aches, perhaps you should not be going to a coffee shop for your cuppa joe. Make it at home and save those of us behind the counter from having to deal with your monetary attachment issues.


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  1. never knew how many ways there were to be rude till i strapped on the green apron